Friday, March 27, 2009

Outlook Attachment Reminder - Home

I've been looking for something like this for a while...gotta give it a shot on a frozen computer to try it out.

Outlook Attachment Reminder - Home:
How often have you sent an email, probably [meaning] to send an attachment as well mentioning about it and after 5 minutes you get a reply saying there is no attachment attached!!

This project is to make sure you do not go through this ' self humiliation' often. Outlook Attachment Reminder is built to help you achieve this.

The logic is very simple, it searches for words like attachment, attached etc. (which of course you can manage) and if they exist, it checks if there are any files attached. If not, then it will prompt with a message box. Then you can add the attachment.

I'd always looked for a way to key a macro to launch using autocorrect or similar, so that as soon as I typed "attached" it would pop up the "browse" dialog for the attachment. Though this is probably a better method, as it doesn't make you do anything until you've hit "Send", so the attachment is sure to be ready by then.

The fact that the page reads a little bit like something that's been translated into english gives me pause, however.

Edit: See my post on June 2 for a more "official" tool that does the same thing, and doesn't make me as nervous as this one did.


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