Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hyper Static Union new album

We've been waiting for this day...though not anxiously enough to actually have known the date ;)

It's snowing here in Portland!
It's a beautiful site and we love it.

We just wanted to let you know that our new album "Meet Him in the Air" is now available from for immediate download here.

There are also previews you can stream of each new song as well.
We hope your enjoy the new album.

We've also added some new videos of Shawn and Tim playing the new songs live in the studio. We are so thankful for your continued encouragement and support.

We appreciate you!

Shawn, Brian, Mike, Tim & Ray
-Hyper Static Union

We haven't gotten the album yet...we're waiting a week or so to see if it shows up on Zune, but the previews sound AWESOME. So exciting...

If you haven't heard these guys yet, check them out. Their album called "Lifegiver" has been our favorite CD for more than 2 years now, which we think is pretty impressive!

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