Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Strongbad on the Wii!

I heard the rumor from my cousin this weekend, but a small amount of research found
this well-hidden homestarrunner page referring to Strongbad's upcoming games on the Wii! The best part, in my opinion, is that they won't be game disks (read: $50)...they'll be the launch of the WiiWare part of the Wii Shop channel as it was intended: a source for smaller, non-studio-type games designed just for the Wii and offered at (presumably) lower prices.

According to the original press release, there will be 5 games released, beginning in June, with each following episode released at the rate of one per month.

I love this idea- it's a great marriage of two things I'm a big fan of, but I do hope that Strongbad doesn't get too big, too fast- going truely mainstream would, I'm afraid, degrade what makes it funny in the first place. Going down this path might lead to an animated Saturday morning cartoon series with Strongbad or something, and that just wouldn't work. I laugh at the title of their announcement (Lappy 486 has sold out!), but I hope the brothers don't actually full-on sell out. It's too funny as it is. Though I do wish for more frequent updates of the podcasts and an rss feed for the Strongbad emails...

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