Tuesday, February 19, 2008

BBspot - Top 11 Ways Sony Plans to Celebrate Their Blu-Ray Victory

Fun at Sony's (or is it Toshiba's) expense from BBspot:

Ways Sony Plans to Celebrate Their Blu-Ray Victory
11. Add rootkit code to all Blu-Ray DVDs.
10. Send solid gold fruit basket to Time Warner.
9. Change name of Blu-Ray to something more meaningful. Like HD-DVD.
8. Get unused 'Victory for Betamax' banners out of storage. Edit them for the party.
7. Call guys at Toshiba, and play Beck's 'Loser' over the phone.
6. Watch Rising Sun on their HD-DVD player.
5. Release next generation of Higher-Definition video.
4. Get T-shirts printed up that say, 'The HD stands for Hopeless Despair' and send them to engineers at Toshiba.
3. Raise price on Playstation 3 by $100.
2. Release Gigli on Blu-Ray.
1. Savor the brief moment of victory, while preparing for the next embarrassing defeat.

Really, I'm disappointed that HD-DVD didn't win the format war, or that the dual-format decks didn't render the war moot, because from all accounts, the user experience on the HD-DVDs was better. Oh well, it's history now. I find it interesting that Sony does seem to have only extremes- horrible publicity on their DRM software on their CDs a few years ago, crushing defeat on the PS3, but victory here and with most of their electronics (is there any better name than Sony in TVs?). Maybe it's because they can't stand not to enter a market - they seem to make competing devices just so they own the alternate. (On that note, see another of BBspot's articles from a few weeks ago).

I can only hope that within a few years, movies that were released only on HD-DVD will be re-released on Blu-Ray. At least next-gen doesn't render our current DVD collection worthless. That's the one thing both sides did right in this.

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