Wednesday, January 23, 2008

BBspot - Top 11 Rejected Names for the MacBook Air

Funny spot here about the MacBook Air: BBspot - Top 11 Rejected Names for the MacBook Air:

11. MacBook Anorexic
10. MacBook Cracker
9. MacBook Whitey
8. MacBook Lust Object 2008
7. MacBook That-Gas-That-Makes-Your-Voice-All-Squeaky-What's-It-Called?
6. I Can't Believe It's Not Firewired
5. MacBook uRich?
4. MacBook Brittle
3. MacBook iRection
2. Satan's Goat Paddler
1. MacBook Err

If you don't know, this new MacBook has no ethernet (network) port, no CD- or DVD drive, one USB port, no removeable short, very little functionality (though it's super-compact if that's the only thing you care about) and like all Mac products, suddenly everyone wants one.

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