Friday, January 11, 2008

DirecTV's PC tuner (HDPC-20) is real! - Engadget


DirecTV's PC tuner (HDPC-20) is real! - Engadget

I didn't see this one announced on any of the (10 minutes or so) regular news coverage of CES this week, but apparently DirecTV has finally come up with a TV tuner that will work right with Vista Media Center via USB! We've been looking for something like this, and I'm so glad they realized the demand for something like this.

Now if Linksys would only hurry up and get their Media Center Extender DVD player to market, I'd have birthday wish-list items - these two devices would allow us to use our Vista computer (upstairs) as a DVR in our living room (downstairs) via our wireless network. So on our TV in our living room, we could rewind, pause and record live TV, as well as play all the pictures, movies and music we have stored on our computer.

So sweet., when are they going to hit the market?