Monday, November 12, 2007

Check Mii Out!

Another new channel for the Wii has finally been released (and it's been quite a while since this one was announced)! It's called "Check Mii Out", and it's basically a place to share the Mii's (avatars) you've created on the Mii channel. They have a section where you just share your Mii's for fun, then they've got another section where they'll hold contests you can enter with your Mii's.

The current contest is looking for a Mii that looks most like Mario (of Super Mario Brothers fame), without his hat. I guess you'll have to go into Mario64 and let that bird take your hat to make sure you get it right!

There are just some impressive Miis that have been submitted in the plaza however...Darth Vader, an endless variety of Michael Jacksons, Kermit and Miss Piggy...the list goes on! I really can't figure out how they got some of these characters from the (fairly basic) Mii creator options! This channel allows you to copy any Miis in the plaza right onto your Wii, then rename and/or edit them yourself...much more flexible than Miis you 'mail' to another Wii from the Mii channel directly (doing this causes a read-or-delete-only copy of the Mii to be sent to the other console - no renaming or editing is allowed). It'd be fun to get into a boxing match with Vader!

On a side note, WOW did this channel download fast! It's all due to our significantly upgraded Internet connection speed, but it downloaded faster than NES games used to! That's going to make downloading VC games so's faster to download them than to transfer them to/from an SD card now.

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