Monday, October 29, 2007

BBspot - Microsoft Debuts Update Update Suite

A funny article from BBspot - you've got to love articles that do a quality job of making fun of Microsoft's horrible product names, while creating an imaginary product that...well, I could see the use ;-)

The success of WGA and OGA has convinced us to extend our Genuine Advantage platform to Windows Update Update. Called Windows Update Update Genuine Advantage, the mandatory add-on will check to insure that Windows Update Update is Genuine. If it is not, it will ask you to call a number (available from the intuitive slui 4 /pirate command). Microsoft Homeland Security agents will take down a trifling amount of personal information, including SSN and a valid CC number. Photo ID may be required; you may be instructed to stand outside and wave your arms until the agent's copy of Google Earth has loaded.