Monday, October 8, 2007

Latest Virtual Console downloads

It's taken me a while to get around to it, but over the weekend I finally downloaded two Virtual Console offerings that I saw and wanted - Kirby's Avalanche and Wave Race 64.

Kirby's is even more fun than I remember, though I'm not nearly as good at it as I used to be. Kyla and I even spent a few minutes playing against each other, and she said she'd forgotten how much fun it is - it's a perfect 2-player game if you've got 10-15 minutes to kill. Of course, the first thing I had to do was play at least up until I heard them announce, "Squishy!". Classic. I actually got all the way up to Paint Roller before biting the big one.

Wave race is one game that...I just like, I can't explain why. It's not incredible graphics (obviously) or really superb physics (though they're not bad)...but it's a fun game. Interesting though- I noticed that they changed some of the graphics. Remember how N64 games started having billboard ads for Nintendo products, especially around racing games' courses? Well, to me it looks like anywhere they'd advertised a gameboy before, they replaced it with a banner for DS lite, and about half the places they had an N64 banner, it now just says Wii. I don't think I like the change, though it's cute. Even though I'm sure they just swapped out the graphics in the ROM, I'd still prefer they offer just the completely original software. But that's just my opinion.

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