Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Super Mario Brothers World " -1"

I don't know how, but somehow I managed to not hear about SMB world -1 until last week! Of course, once I know it exists, you know I've got to get there! Well, last night I finally got took me three lives, but I managed to do it! Very cool...for one big glitch!

Now I wonder if there's any truth in the report (that hasn't been updated since 2003 or 2005, despite promises that more information would be forthcoming) that taking the correct route (Koopa Castle maze-style) and getting all the coins allows you to swim past the end pipe and continue on, eventually to an underwater castle and a green toad. I saw a video on YouTube that shows someone beating world -1 by hacking the ROM, and since the following worlds don't resemble what was reported to follow -1 in that first link, I'm betting that all those images are photoshopped, and the report false.

Oh stuff! Imagine me not knowing a basic SMB secret after all this time...

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