Friday, January 4, 2008

Guitar Hero for Wii

Yes...we got it.
Yes...we're nerds.
Yes...we LOVE it!

As far as I can tell, the recall on the Wii disks for only including Mono sound, rather than the box-advertised Dolby Pro hasn't happened, but it's not that big a deal. I understand why the graphics are far below those for XBox and Playstation, but they seem AWFULLY bad...even something like Mario Galaxy seems far graphically superior, though I love the hand-drawn cut scenes.

But my big surprise with this game is that you can't have the Wii Remote Jacket on the Wii Remote with the Guitar Accessory, the Jacket now being an official part of the Wii Remote, bundled with the new systems and everything. At least it's not that big a deal to take off, and we'll probably be doing that with two of our remotes anyway, now that Daniel got us one of those cool Wii Remote Recharger bases - they don't work with the jacket either, but it's worth it to have rechargable batteries in the Wiimote now!

Another thing I wish is that you could configure is which buttons on the remote played the respective notes for P2 if you don't have another guitar controller (and when are more of those coming, anyone?)...the B trigger is awfully akward to press when you're holding the controller sideways. They'd have been better off using two of the directions on the d-pad, rather than just one, and not using B at all. Oh well, hopefully we'll be able to find another guitar and never worry about that again!

All this aside though...Guitar Hero ROCKS (pun intended). And I know it's cheesy and adolecent, but hey, fun is fun! (Note Guitar hero has been added to my list of Wii games in the sidebar of this blog).

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