Monday, December 10, 2007

Super Mario Galaxy

OK, so I don't "officially" have this game yet (it's my Christmas present, but if Kyla gets to play with hers early, so do I ☺), but I've played about 30 minutes into Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii, and let me just say...YEAH!!!

It's gotta be done by the same team that did Mario 64, or's so close to the same game. The controls, jumps, etc are pretty much identical. But that's a GOOD thing - Mario 64 was AWESOME, after all. And after the disaster that was Super Mario Sunshine, this is a breath of fresh air. And what a genious way of bringing in 2-player mode - Kyla can just come in and out of the game as she pleases!

Anyway, this game rocks. Now I'm just waiting for Mario Kart Wii in February - WiFi enabled is going to MAKE this game.

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