Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bad week for computers...

Wow, has this been a bad week for computers! On Friday, my network at work started blowing up oddly - turns out that we had 17 kilobytes of free space left, after 8 months of me monitoring it at 4 Gb and seeing it fall only slowly. So I took emergency measures to increase the free space again so we can work until we get the new drives in place (hopefully today). Monday I came in and half of our devices in my branch were offline with no apparent cause. I had to wipe out and reconfigure one of our routers before it came back online.

Then today, I got a call from a guy in one of our other offices; it looks like his hard drive in his computer is fried. Completely and suddenly. Hopefully a computer shop will be able to recover his data at least; he's not on our server network, so many files only exist on his computer and whatever backups he's been doing.

Anyone else been having serious computer troubles this week?

Anyway, I'll be back after Thanksgiving somewhat, but I've been crazy busy lately - I guess that's what happens leading up to Christmas!

Happy turkey day, everyone! Give thanks.