Wednesday, January 16, 2008

An easier way to select multiple files in Vista

Now this is just nice:
An easier way to select multiple files � Vista Tips-n-Tricks Weblog

In older versions of Windows, if you had to select multiple files, but not all files, in a folder, you would typically do this: hold down the control-key (CTL) while clicking the various files with your mouse. You would eventually be done with selecting the multiple files. But, if you forgot to hold down the CTL key or just got tired, then one wrong click after that and you would lose your entire selection so far. That was so frustrating. Thankfully, that was so non-Vista.

Vista now offers a great way to select multiple files. Here’s what you do:

Very cool. I wish this could be toggled on/off with a key combination, mouse click of a button or at least set as a per-folder option. I don't really like it for my entire system, but I might get used to's got the side benefit of a logical way of deselecting (blurring, or taking focus away) from a folder view; just uncheck the box. No more hunting for a 'blank' area in Vista's explorer windows to click to deselect anything. That's really nice for me.

One thing they don't mention is that if you click the file name itself with this option set, you see the checkbox get checked, but clicking another filename is like you'd want - it unchecks (and hides) the checkbox for what WAS selected as it deselects it, but if you click the checkbox instead (just a little left of the filename), it leaves the first file checked and checks the new file as well, just like you were holding the ctrl key, but you see the checkboxes this time indicating the selection (as well as highlighting the selected items). Watch out though; because of this behavior, even if you have several things checked (selected), then click a file name, everything will deselect, just as if you'd released ctrl. Make sure to click the CHECKBOX when you want to multi-select.

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