Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Google Demos Android Prototype

This sounds just great: Google Demos Android Prototype

Gotta love Google! :-) Hopefully these phones will be accepted by all the major carriers, and the hardware will do everything I'm looking for: primarily syncing with Outlook, and standard Wi-Fi access - combining those features and syncing over wi-fi wouldn't go amiss, either. Yay for hardware keyboards - hopefully they don't expect you to dial a phone number only using the 1-0 row of keys above the qwerty-style keyboard...

From Paul Thurrott's original article:

The hardware, while still in prototype form, somewhat resembles a cross between Apple's iPhone and a Blackberry-type device, with both a large screen and a hardware keyboard. But the big deal, of course, is the software, which is simple, easy to navigate, and offers PC-like Web browsing functionality. And Google has opened up Android as an open design that it feels will spur innovation and competition. Unlike Apple's highly proprietary iPhone, Android will be offered on a multitude of handsets from numerous hardware makers, and will ultimately be available via every wireless carrier.

Early reports are very positive, and industry experts seem energized by a platform that should jumpstart PC-like usage scenarios on far more mobile devices. Hardware maker TI, for example, claimed that it was able to get Android running on top of its processor in less than a week because of its open design. And wireless carriers believe that Android will cut the time to market--a longtime weak link in the wireless market--from 18 months to 6 months.