Thursday, February 14, 2008


Started hearing about IE7Pro a few days ago (though it's apparently been popular with savvy users for a while), and thought I'd check into it today.

Simple sum-up: it ROCKS!

The only add-on I've found I really liked in IE7 until now was an inline search replacement for the Find (on this page) popup dialog. The great part is that IE7Pro includes this as just one of its features! (Though it did mean I had to actually uninstall the old app from my Control Panel.) Note that this is just an add-on to your existing IE7 (or 6), not a brand-new standalone browser application.

Other GREAT features are
-ad-blocking (not just popup blocking)
-scripting support and pre-installed useful scripts (customizing gmail, for instance)
-spellcheck-as-you-type (it's been helping me on this post as I type it, though apparently it thinks spellcheck is two words)
-a download manager that you can turn on and off easily
-auto-scroll at a selected speed
-mouse gestures (I'll have to play with these before I decide if I like them)
-crash recovery
-better tab handling (tons of options that you can enable or disable as you like - I disabled most of them because I'm pretty used to IE7's way of handling tabs, though I kept super drag and drop, which lets me open links in new tabs by dragging them anywhere on the page [instead of all the way up to a blank tab])
-undo closing a tab
-syncing your bookmarks across several computers (requires a free account)
-Ctrl+M minimizes IE to the system tray (by the clock) - this is GREAT for me, since I usually have a window open that I don't want taking up room on my taskbar (this is probably among my favorite features, with Spellcheck and inline search)

So far, I highly recommend it. Check out their website for a full list of features.

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