Friday, September 19, 2008

Windows or Walls campaign

I was first alerted to the new phase of Microsoft's ad campaign in the SuperSite Blog article "Windows: Life without Walls"

Tonight, Microsoft will debut some new TV ads as part of its $300 million campaign. Print ads will follow as well. I wrote about this topic this morning in WinInfo, but have a bit more info, and more to share later in the day as part of a longer article.
First though, here are some stills from the TV ads, which have the theme, “I’m a PC.” Yes, you read that right: Microsoft is going after the derisive Apple ads directly, by showing that the PC world is huge, diverse … and human. It’s nicely done.

I actually saw the first "I'm a PC" ad last night, and I was really impressed. I thought it was well-done, and though I'd been (very) skeptical about the "I'm a PC" theme, I thought it got the point across...Windows is in Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Phones, Windows Mobile PDAs, Ultra low-power PCs, third world country laptops, Tablet PCs, and even the point-of-sale scanners at every Apple store in the country (no, they didn't address that in the commercial). If you want to be connected, what better platform than Windows to do that? It wasn't smug, it was just "out there". Showing you the faces of PC users, being productive. Hopefully, if nothing else, they'll be able to define their product again instead of allowing a competitor to do it.

Anyway, I liked the Gates/Seinfeld ads, but this new phase is quite nice.

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