Wednesday, March 25, 2009

OnLive to Take Video Games to the Cloud

Interesting technology brought to my attention here: OnLive to Take Video Games to the allows (or will, when it's released) you to play high-end video games on computers that couldn't otherwise (cross-platform or low-end hardware, for instance), as long as you have a quick internet connection, for a monthly subscription. Verrrry interesting :)

I'd personally love to see out-of-date games that don't run on modern OS's as well as hard-to-find games like RealMyst show up, in addition to just the high-end new stuff. I don't understand how they can stream that kind of quality, but I can't wait to see. It looks like it might be much better than the lackluster GameTap service; even though they appear very similar on the surface, GameTap still required your hardware to do the heavy lifting (after having downloaded the whole game, a glitchy process), rather than centralizing the processing on their servers and simply sending you the video.

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