Friday, March 27, 2009

Menu Update at Nintendo :: Wii

I got the notification on my Wii yesterday morning that Wii Menu 4.0 was available...and added some functionality I've long wished for. You can finally really, honestly expand your Wii's memory using the SD card slot! That means you can store channels/games on the SD card and not have to move them back to the Wii memory to play them!

Menu Update at Nintendo :: Wii:

Store more—Add more Wii storage using SD Cards or the high capacity SDHC Card format (up to 32GB)

Improved SD Card support—launch WiiWare™ titles, Virtual Console™ games, or channels directly from an SD/SDHC Card

Let your Wii console move games and channels to an SD/SDHC Card with Auto Manage when system memory fills up

Download titles from the Wii Shop Channel to Wii system memory or directly to an SD/SDHC Card

I downloaded the update immediately and was happy to see it worked just like you'd hope it would. There's a new little "SD" icon on the menu that lets you view the channels on your SD card. I quickly found out the old little (64mb) card I'd kept a few pictures and songs on was far from enough storage- going to Staples let me find a 8GB card for $24.99 (special offer) that I'll be plugging in tonight. I can finally keep all the Virtual Console and WiiWare games on my system! (Wii Ware games ate up the limited onboard memory quickly, as do large N64 games like Zelda).

Oh, and I got a mention at the WinSuperSite for forwarding the link and info :) Geek points!


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