Friday, March 27, 2009

Outlook Attachment Reminder - Home

I've been looking for something like this for a while...gotta give it a shot on a frozen computer to try it out.

Outlook Attachment Reminder - Home:
How often have you sent an email, probably [meaning] to send an attachment as well mentioning about it and after 5 minutes you get a reply saying there is no attachment attached!!

This project is to make sure you do not go through this ' self humiliation' often. Outlook Attachment Reminder is built to help you achieve this.

The logic is very simple, it searches for words like attachment, attached etc. (which of course you can manage) and if they exist, it checks if there are any files attached. If not, then it will prompt with a message box. Then you can add the attachment.

I'd always looked for a way to key a macro to launch using autocorrect or similar, so that as soon as I typed "attached" it would pop up the "browse" dialog for the attachment. Though this is probably a better method, as it doesn't make you do anything until you've hit "Send", so the attachment is sure to be ready by then.

The fact that the page reads a little bit like something that's been translated into english gives me pause, however.

Edit: See my post on June 2 for a more "official" tool that does the same thing, and doesn't make me as nervous as this one did.

Menu Update at Nintendo :: Wii

I got the notification on my Wii yesterday morning that Wii Menu 4.0 was available...and added some functionality I've long wished for. You can finally really, honestly expand your Wii's memory using the SD card slot! That means you can store channels/games on the SD card and not have to move them back to the Wii memory to play them!

Menu Update at Nintendo :: Wii:

Store more—Add more Wii storage using SD Cards or the high capacity SDHC Card format (up to 32GB)

Improved SD Card support—launch WiiWare™ titles, Virtual Console™ games, or channels directly from an SD/SDHC Card

Let your Wii console move games and channels to an SD/SDHC Card with Auto Manage when system memory fills up

Download titles from the Wii Shop Channel to Wii system memory or directly to an SD/SDHC Card

I downloaded the update immediately and was happy to see it worked just like you'd hope it would. There's a new little "SD" icon on the menu that lets you view the channels on your SD card. I quickly found out the old little (64mb) card I'd kept a few pictures and songs on was far from enough storage- going to Staples let me find a 8GB card for $24.99 (special offer) that I'll be plugging in tonight. I can finally keep all the Virtual Console and WiiWare games on my system! (Wii Ware games ate up the limited onboard memory quickly, as do large N64 games like Zelda).

Oh, and I got a mention at the WinSuperSite for forwarding the link and info :) Geek points!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Google Launches Free Phone Service

This is a service I've been excited about since they announced it a little more than a week ago...and one I think many people will actually have a use for. While on one hand, it's just another step toward Google taking over the world, you do have to admit that life in Google world is...pretty good.

Whether it's this service or something similar, I do think they've caught a vision as to what the future of phone usage may be. This service allows you to tie all your phone numbers together under a single new (free) local number...when someone calls your Google number, all your phones ring, and you can pick it up anywhere. Unless you've set up exceptions based on who is calling or what time it is, etc...then anything you specify can happen. Or put your number into "do not disturb" mode and nothing will ring. Have your voicemails texted to you, or delete them online without even listening to them. And the list goes on.

A short synopsis from is below, but check out to learn all about the service. I'll let you know what I think once I get my grubby little hands on it :)

Google Launches Free Phone Service:
- Google Number. You receive a single local phone number from Google and can use it for all of your phone calls and SMS messages. This number can simultaneously ring multiple phones, including landlines, cell phones, and other numbers. Google number includes call screening, 'listen in' (for listening before taking a call), call blocking, SMS, free US phone calling, phone routing, and phone forwarding.
- Google Voicemail. Google Voice can optionally make text transcripts of your voice mail and send notifications via SMS or email. You can listen to voicemail online or from your phone, and forward or download voicemail. It also supports personalized greetings.
- Voice features. Google Voice also provides conference calling functionality, call recording, on-the-fly phone switching, a mobile inbox that's available from your mobile device, GOOG-411 directory assistance integration, and group management.

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OnLive to Take Video Games to the Cloud

Interesting technology brought to my attention here: OnLive to Take Video Games to the allows (or will, when it's released) you to play high-end video games on computers that couldn't otherwise (cross-platform or low-end hardware, for instance), as long as you have a quick internet connection, for a monthly subscription. Verrrry interesting :)

I'd personally love to see out-of-date games that don't run on modern OS's as well as hard-to-find games like RealMyst show up, in addition to just the high-end new stuff. I don't understand how they can stream that kind of quality, but I can't wait to see. It looks like it might be much better than the lackluster GameTap service; even though they appear very similar on the surface, GameTap still required your hardware to do the heavy lifting (after having downloaded the whole game, a glitchy process), rather than centralizing the processing on their servers and simply sending you the video.

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Missing Remote

"Guide: How to Enable Concurrent Sessions in Vista"

Just a quick entry here so I can find it later- they've figured out how to allow concurrant remote desktop sessions in Vista Business and Ultimate, as well as enabling remote desktop hosting on Vista Home Premium. Most useful for users of Windows Media Center, since remoting into the media center computer kicks extenders off.

NOT MS-approved or supported. NOT NOT NOT.

If you're on Business or Ultimate, there's also a .zip here that makes it even easier. Just be sure to run the right version (Business or Ultimate) as an Administrator.

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