Saturday, October 23, 2010

Windows Media Center custom menu strip

My hopes of having a real Windows Media Center set-top box be released this year having been dashed, and having for various reasons begun looking into other online media consumption services for the TV, I've started to try and plug in as many services into Media Center as possible.

Third-party support for plugging them in is a bit spotty from app to app, with some of them adding themselves to the "Extras" menu (Boxee), and some of them creating their own custom menu on which they sit all alone (Hulu).

Finally today, I found a wizard called WMCWW that lets me (very) easily create a new custom strip and place as many other plugins on it as I want, then even delete the custom menus that those services created (Hulu) so I don't see duplicates.

Works on x86 x64 Windows 7...yay!

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